Chiara Rapaccini, aka RAP, was born in Florence. She currently lives in Rome where she is head of the child illustration faculty at the European Design Institute. A designer, painter, illustrator, sculptor, she also writes and illustrates children and adult books. Her vignettes appeared regularly on the Espresso magazine and on “Billy Il Vizio di Leggere” on TG1 news, she collaborates with Espresso online as a blogger and with Linkiesta as a correspondent. She’s a blogger for Il Fatto Quotidiano. Personal shows of her work have been premiered in Rome, Milan, Naples, Genoa and Venice, Turin, Osaka, Tokyo, Bruxelles, Paris and New York. Her project MARIO MONICELLI AND RAP, 100 YEARS OF CINEMA” has been displayed In New York, Buenos Aires, Cuba and Italy, in Naples and Venice; at the Cinema Biennale in 2015 and, together with the photogrpher Andrea Vierucci, at the GAMC Lorenzo Viani in Viareggio, during the Lucca Film Festival 2016. Chiara Rapaccini writes the satirical leaflet “Amori Sfigati” (Hapless love) that has been very successful on Facebook and Instagram. In 2016 she received the “Andrea Pazienza” Award as the best Web author.
In 2019 she made the documentary AMORI DI LATTA – close encounters with teenagers” for Rai Storia, directed by Graziano Conversano, launched at Rome Film Festival in “Alice nella Città” section.
She made the animated short for the “Torniamo a Sorridere” (“Let’s go back to smile!”) campaign for the New Year’s Eve of the Municipality of Bologna 2021 during the Lockdown era.
In 2021 she made the drawings for the video Flumina by Antonello Matarazzo, Best Animation Short at the Rome Independent Prisma Awards, Nomination for Best Animation Short Film Nastri d’Argento.
Her latest novel Amori Sfigatiwas published in 2020 by De Agostini DeA Planeta. In 2021 RAP published the  children’s book “PICCOLI AMORI SFIGATI” by Beisler Editore. In 2022 she published the collection of the best RAP cartoons “100 AMORI SFIGATI”, for Piscografici Editore. In 2023 she published “Mio amato Belzebù. L’amara Dolce vita con Monicelli e compagnia” – Giunti editore